Indie Aesthetic with a Fast Turn-Around

Stylized work that doesn't conform to mainstream standards. Featuring the raw look of independent filmmaking with a professional application.

From One Artist to Another

Phantom World is the creation of Piper Preston, one of Western MA's resident documentarians who has decades of collaborative experience within the community and abroad. 

Wishbone Zoe

"Working with Piper on videos is such a consistent pleasure and treat. Her voice as a cinematographer is one of a romantic-hearted kick-flipping Suburban youth with a runaway imagination--viscerally homegrown and color-soaked, classically hip and a visual nod to the grunge and metal culture tendrils that reached 1990s Western MA - her origins. She has a seemingly endless well of story ideas to apply to any given song.

As a director, Piper remains uncannily cool-headed, agreeable, and creates an environment of ease and fellowship to any set among any crew, regardless of whether or not anyone involved has previously worked together. Yet despite her relaxed attitude, her workflow is quick and eager, and she's quick to find solutions to changing factors such as lighting and weather shifts.

I've been proud to have had her direct two Wishbone Zoe videos and to act in a few other videos of hers.

She's a sweetheart and a talented fellow. Do work with her."

Sage of Sage Orville Photography

"I hired Phantom World to do some editing for me to help me catch up on a backlog of projects. The turn around time was awesome and Piper was incredibly communicative throughout the process. A definite life-saver who was eager, kind, and incredibly easy to collaborate and share vision with. Flexible, respectful, and stoked to produce art.'


Phantom World understands the need for stimulating and inspiring visual representation. Showcasing live events and music in a surrealistic, technicolor dream.



Expertly stylized video art, events, journalism.


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